Personal Development Planning for Improved Productivity




Personal development planning often focuses on the need to make your day more productive.  In fact, people one of the most common goals for personal development is better time management.  There are several simple things you can do as part of a self-development plan to improve your productivity and manage your time more effectively.

Plan Ahead

The saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” is especially true when it comes to productivity.  By planning your day in advance, you are more likely to achieve daily goals and will find yourself being more productive.  As part of your personal development planning, plan your day.  Sit down before you go to bed and make a list of the things you want to complete the next day.  Organize them by importance or by difficulty, as it is often easier to accomplish difficult tasks first thing in the morning rather than the afternoon.

Make Large Projects Smaller

Often, we put off completing large, complicated projects until the last minute.  As part of your personal development planning, instead of avoiding the large project, break it into smaller tasks and work on one part of the project each day.  Because smaller tasks seem less daunting, you will find that the project is completed more quickly, on time and with fewer errors.

You Accomplish More When You Focus

It is easy to get distracted during the day with the constant competition for your attention.  Therefore, as part of your personal development planning, focus on one task at a time and ignore other distractions.  Turn off your email and set certain times throughout the day to check it.  Turn the instant message program off and set your cell phone on silent until you have completed your tasks.  If it is important for you to check emails or take phone calls, only turn off the functions while you are concentrating, then turn them on when you are done with that particular task.

Take a Break

It may seem counterproductive to your self-development plan to stop working, but taking breaks helps you recharge and unwind, empowering you to focus more clearly on the work at hand.  Take a walk around the office, or better still, around the block.  Grab some lunch or coffee and simply relax for a few minutes before returning to work.

These simple tasks are crucial to your personal development plan if you intend to improve productivity.  TSTN offers many suggestions for personal development activities that can boost your morning production through the Success Training Network which provides individual development plan suggestions 24 hours a day.  View our SuccessCast featuring The Winner’s Edge by Denis Waitley to get a feel for what we offer.  Then, learn more by visiting us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.  To learn more about personal development plans, sign up now for one of our subscription packages.


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