Individual Development Plan: Living a Creative Life

Individual-Development-Plan-3Creativity is a crucial part of any individual development plan, as living a creative life reduces stress, improves problem-solving abilities and actually helps us live healthier.  Adding a personal touch to your life is fulfilling and may actually create better problem-solving skills as you “think outside the box.”

Importance of Innovation

Deciding to live a creative life as part of your individual development plan is more than just becoming artistic.  Creativity is possible in almost every aspect of life, and creativity has a place nearly every profession.  There are jobs that restrict creativity, tending toward methods that are more traditional, yet even some of these careers are becoming more creative.   As part of your personal development goals, stop seeing the world as black or white, don’t view competition as win or lose, and understand that by viewing the world through such narrow vision, you are living in a 180-degree perception.  Expanding that view to include areas between extremes opens your vision up to 360-degrees of perception.

Fulfillment of Adding Your Own Touch

Whether you work in a quiet, sedate law office or a loud, colorful graphic design firm, adding a personal touch is extremely fulfilling.  Focus on your visions as part of your individual development plan and use your own creativity to make those visions reality.  Your job should not stifle creativity, but rather it should expand to include creative opportunities, regardless of the career you have chosen.  Your inner desires are like a child within you, and by living creatively, you give a voice to that inner child.  Putting a personal touch on a project, in your office decorations, or simply in the clothing you wear leads to fulfillment both at work and at home.

Creativity and Health

There are several ways that creativity benefits both mental and physical health.  Living creatively makes people happier, less anxious and better able to problem-solve when challenges arise.  In fact, research bears out the fact that living a creative life improves mental health.  A study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin found that people who were more creative felt healthier and had fewer physical problems.  This may be because creative activity is enjoyable and provides opportunities for learning as well as problem solving, which is why experts recommend adding creativity to your individual development plan.

Creativity is crucial to creating an individual development plan and should be one of the top personal development goals on that plan.  For more information on creating a self-development plan, visit The Success Training Network, which includes a SuccessCast featuring Steve Siebold’s Mental Toughness Training Tips On Your Beliefs. TSTN offers personal development training at your convenience, 24 hours a day.  Be sure to find us on our website, like us on  Facebook, follow us on Twitter, see us on YouTube and visit us on Pinterest.

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