Tips on Self-Improvement: Overcoming Fear

tips-on-self-improvementFear is a normal part of our lives, and there are many tips on self-improvement that address ways to overcome those fears.  Whether you fear change, failure, or disapproval from those around you, some of the best self-improvement advice includes ways to conquer those fears as a means to helping you grow.  Fear keeps us stagnant and settled in safe comfort zones. For anyone who wants to grow and achieve, staying comfortable is not the way to accomplish things.

A Little at a Time

One of the best tips on self-improvement is to make all changes a little at a time.  Take baby steps toward facing the fear that is holding you back.  If you are afraid of heights, climbing a water tower is probably not the best way to conquer that fear.  Instead, start with a ladder, and then try climbing onto your roof, adding a little height each time until your fears are conquered.  It may take years before you are able to climb that water tower, but by taking small steps you at least begin to face your fear.

Positive Motivation

In confidence training, one of the tips on self-improvement offered is to find positive motivation.  Develop a list of reasons why making a change will improve your life.  If you are considering returning to school to enhance your employment opportunities, for example, one of the best self-improvement tips is to list all the reasons returning to school might improve your life.  Do not list the negatives, such as cost or time, but focus instead on the reasons why this is the answer to changing your life.  This empowers you to use positive reinforcement to face the financial and logistical fears many experience when they return to school.

Do Not Live in the Past

For many, fears develop due to things that have occurred in the past, whether it’s failure, injury or something that was traumatic to them.  One of the tips for self-improvement is to remember that what happened in the past does not necessarily mean it will happen this time.  Confidence training teaches us to look forward, not backward.

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