Tips on Self-Improvement: Give Yourself Reminders

tips-on-self-improvementMotivation can be a fleeting thing, which is why many tips on self-improvement include ways to stay motivated.  In any endeavor, we begin with an air of excitement, full of anticipation and the motivation to get the job done.  As time goes on, however, our motivation tends to wane as day-to-day duties and the mundane requirements of every project begin to take a toll.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, complete an important project, or build a business, one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to give yourself reminders.

Remember Your Best Moments

There are many ways to give yourself reminders that can keep you motivated.  One of the best tips on self-improvement is to write down a time when you felt you were at your best.  These moments of triumphs, according to some personal development books, remind you of who you are, what you are about, and why you are chasing the goals you are seeking during your self-improvement journey.

Motivational Quotes

Another of the tips for self-improvement found in personal development books includes surrounding yourself with motivational quotes, images and photos.  Although you can find many motivational quotes in books and online, you can also create your own with positive thinking.  When you see a quote that you find motivating, make a note of it, and post it where you can see it often.  If your goal is weight loss, find an image of yourself when you feel you felt and looked the best, and put it in a prominent location.

Use Simple Tips to Keep Motivated

There are many simple ways to stay motivated using routine reminders.  When you feel yourself losing motivation, pull out your list of long- and short-term goals to be reminded of what you are working toward.  Another tip for self-improvement is to write your “To Do” list the night before and prioritize each task in order of importance.  Many personal development books suggest that the act of crossing things off a list creates motivation to move on to the next thing on the list.  If you are tackling a huge project, break it down into smaller tasks to avoid being overwhelmed.  Overestimate how long it will take you to do a task.  Self-improvement experts say that when you overestimate and complete the job earlier than the time you allotted, you pick up momentum as you feel as if you are ahead of the game.  Surround yourself with positive, motivated people in order to feel motivated yourself.

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