The Real Estate Guys: Robert Helms and Russell Gray

The Real Estate Guys is a fun and quirky show in which real estate guru Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray break down the elements of real estate in a non-traditional way. Robert and Russ explain the differences between cash flow and equity, achieving profitable property management, bigger deals for bigger dollars, and when the real estate bubble will burst. The guys show you that real estate is tangible, safe, stable, affordable, understandable, controllable, and most importantly, can make you very wealthy. [Read more...]

People IQ: Tony Alessandra

We all have our own behavioral style. People IQ explores the fascinating topic of social/emotional intelligence to help you build faster, deeper, and longer-lasting rapport with others. Learn the Platinum Rule for connecting and relating to anyone in the workplace or in social situations. Whether you’re a director, thinker, socializer or relator, Tony Alessandra will explain your behavioral style and how it connects to all that you do each day. At the end of this series, you’ll understand which style you are and how to positively communicate with and understand others for mutual advantage. You will be able to instantly use this fascinating study of human behavior to be more productive in your personal and career life. [Read more...]

The Chris Widener Show: Chris Widener

Join Chris Widener as he discusses the many ways to succeed in life. Viewers call in and email questions and comments on a full range of topics including time management, communication, relationships, and living your dreams. This is an invaluable opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring from one of the rising stars in personal and professional development. [Read more...]

Maximize Your Memory: Ron White

The human mind is the most powerful computer in the world, but most people do not know how to tap into their mind’s potential. Maximize Your Memory is like a user’s manual for the mind, teaching viewer’s how do more with their mind than they ever thought possible. [Read more...]

Every Word Matters: George Walther

Every day in every conversation with everybody you talk with—customers, colleagues, family, and friends—every word you use makes a difference. Nothing makes a bigger impact in your life than the image you put across to others, the self-motivation you give yourself, and the level of cooperation you get from other people.

In his own witty and wonderful way, George Walther guides you through the small steps it takes to begin choosing the best words that make the biggest, most positive difference in your personal and professional life.

George Walther proves that Every Word Matters on the road to success. [Read more...]

Top Gun Leadership: Waldo Waldman

Top Gun Leadership is about building a culture of courage in your personal and professional life. Join combat decorated Air Force fighter pilot Waldo Waldman as he translates the lessons he learned as a fighter pilot into helping you become successful in life. Waldo will share what it takes to have the right attitude, vision and values to succeed. His insights on teamwork and communication as fighter pilot are crucial in today’s competitive marketspace. [Read more...]

The Winner’s Edge: Dr. Denis Waitley

Master motivator and teacher Denis Waitley takes you through the steps to develop the winner’s mindset in your personal and business life. In this series you’ll learn how to build self-esteem, motivation, and self-discipline while developing the ten qualities of a total winner plus the two vital qualities every successful person must develop. Denis Waitley will teach you that winning isn’t just luck. Denis has help hundreds of professional athletes and business professional take their game to a higher level with an attitude of winning. Denis takes you step-by-step through the philosophy you need to have to become a winner in all areas of your life. [Read more...]

Mental Toughness: Steve Siebold

Mental Toughness Coach Steve Siebold takes his no-nonsense approach to the viewer. Steve uses the mental skills he learned as a professional tennis player to enhance mental skills in personal development and business. As a seasoned motivational / inspirational speaker he helps unlock the secrets of champions, whether it’s regarding weight loss, exercise, problem solving, career, or relationships. Steve also hones in on the importance of mental toughness to achieve world class success. If you have high expectations and goals, you won’t want to miss any episodes of Mental Toughness. [Read more...]

Profit Rich Marketing: Ford Saeks

Using his personal experience, marketing strategist Ford Saeks shows you how to improve all of your marketing efforts. Ford reveals his system that literally earned his clients and him, millions of dollars in just a few short years. Ford walks you through step-by-step his proven method on how to increase your sales and profits, whether you’re the CEO, the marketing director, the owner, or an entrepreneur. Find out what’s blocking your creativity and how to push through it. By putting Ford’s system in place in your business, you can expect explosive growth, regardless of your size, products, or services. [Read more...]

TSTN Presents: Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn, Westin Hotel, Dallas (Ep. 1)

Master motivator, author, and business philosopher Jim Rohn shares his unique insights from over 40 years of successful business. In this special presentation, Jim reveals his secrets of success. You’ll learn:

• what capitalism really is
• how to live an extraordinary life
• the best way to study personal development
• how to develop a wealth mindset
• the true meaning of success.

Jim Rohn’s down-to-earth teaching and business philosophy makes it easy for anyone to learn the fundamentals to a successful, balanced life. [Read more...]

Connie: Connie Podesta

Therapist Connie Podesta mixes a rare blend of keen insight, wit and experience into her in-house counseling sessions with viewers. Connie is a registered therapist with years of experience involving marital, family and career issues. Her mantra, “Life would be easy if it weren’t for other people” has helped thousands overcome personal roadblocks. You don’t want to miss a minute of Connie as she takes questions from viewers and tackles tough topics with her practical, no-nonsense advice. [Read more...]

Just Say Yes: Scott McKain

Just Say Yes is all about discovering how you can take positive action – congruent with your values and priorities in life – to create the success you really desire. Unless we consciously create our lives around our priorities, we will be governed in life by our habits…habits which may – or may not – be productive in driving us toward what we really desire. Just Say Yes is about taking a step up… to success. [Read more...]

Your True Potential: Dan Lier

Motivational speaker Dan Lier coaches people in all walks of life to help them reach their true potential, including everyone from CEOs to soccer moms. Dan’s “tell-it-like-it-is” counseling motivates and uplifts while showing viewers how to prioritize and balance their busy lives. Dan handles issues pertaining to professional, personal, or family life. His principles for success and his own personal coaching experience make this show a sure hit among viewers. [Read more...]

The Victory Principle: Donna Krech

Get in shape, slim down, and stay healthy with exercise and weight loss guru Donna Krech. She’ll walk you through the Victory Principle – a plan to help you defeat what’s been holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals and show you how to take down what’s been killing your motivation. She also offers guidance on how to get the most out of your meals with her “Tips for BIG Losers.” You won’t want to miss a minute of the Victory Principle as Donna explores the challenges of weight loss, exercise, and healthy eating and gives you a real plan to conquer your personal “Motivation Assassinators.” [Read more...]

Unstoppable: Cynthia Kersey

Personal development coach Cynthia Kersey uses her 30 day challenge to motivate and inspire in this reality based series “Unstoppable. Cynthia plays on her own brand of encouragement to help challengers meet goals they once thought were impossible and even failed. Walk through the entire challenge, step by step with each of the challengers as they face and rise above their problems, whether it’s weight loss, business development, or starting their own business. If you lack motivation and organization in your life, then you won’t want to miss a single episode of “Unstoppable” to get inspired. [Read more...]

Goals2Go: Vic Johnson

Goal-setting expert Vic Johnson gives you the tools and techniques used by the rich and famous for setting and achieving goals. Vic takes you through setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, how to dream big dreams, and how to evaluate yourself to see where you have failed in the past and make the necessary changes so you can succeed in the future. Guests such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, and many others talk one-on-one with Vic about the secrets to their success and how they have achieved their goals. [Read more...]

High Performers: Don Hutson

Have you ever wanted to achieve more, to consistently stay above average? What disciplines do you need to stand out from the crowd? Don Hutson teaches you how to become disciplined and create tangible, remarkable results in your life and career. High Performers set the pace and don’t look back. In this series you will learn how to:
• develop a positive attitude
• have motivation that makes a difference
• set goals that lead to success with tangible results
• provide leadership in your organization during changing times
• succeed through intense customer focus.
Don Hutson walks you through the basics and teaches you the disciplines to join the ranks of the High Performers. [Read more...]

The Energy Factor: Christopher Guerriero

The Energy Factor is a program designed to help you cut through all the misconceptions about how to lose weight, look great, and have far more energy. Christopher Guerriero, founder of the National Metabolic and Longevity Research Center, shares with you the same techniques that have helped his clients who are top models, actors, actresses, and Fortune 100 executives to live life in their dream body. Now you, too, can have loads of energy all day – every day. You can live life in the body of your dreams and have an abundance of success in every area of your life … once you experience The Energy Factor! [Read more...]

Modest to Millions: Ridgely Goldsborough

Modest to Millions chronicles the development of ordinary men and women who made the journey from humble beginnings to extraordinary wealth. Storied entrepreneur Ridgely Goldsborough, through a series of insightful and thought-provoking questions, reveals the secrets to their massive success, their millionaire mindset, how they act, and by natural extension, how they attained their current wealth. The show’s purpose is simple: to provide the tools and education necessary for anyone with the requisite heart, desire, and commitment to do the work to blaze their own pathway from Modest to Millions. [Read more...]

High Trust Selling: Todd Duncan

High Trust Selling provides a fresh perspective on the laws that govern your sales success. The laws focus on attitudes, aptitudes, communication, and commitment required for anyone to be successful in sales. High Trust Selling is the culmination of over twenty years of market research and analysis. Bestselling author and speaker Todd Duncan shares his time-tested and proven principles by which anyone in sales can establish long-lasting and high-yielding bonds of trust with their clients. Fourteen clear-cut laws make crystal clear how any sales professional can achieve profitable success and ultimate trust with their clients. [Read more...]

The Next Level: Ellie Drake

Ellie Drake takes you on a reflective journey into ways to overcome obstacles and get toThe Next Level you want to achieve in your life. She gives you ways to make better decisions and stronger commitments. She helps you find the inspiration and motivation to discover your true purpose in life. Ellie also provides the techniques needed to create new experiences, to cope with transition, and to communicate and connect. Learn how to let go of the negative emotions and experiences that congest your path to achievingThe Next Level. [Read more...]

Mindset of a Champion: Dr. David Cook

If you want to achieve your fullest potential in the face of adversity, you’ve got to understand and embrace the principles David Cook teaches. Just like the world’s greatest athletes, by purposefully setting your mind in performance, you have the chance to fulfill your greatest potential in the midst of the interference of the competitive environment. [Read more...]

Think Like a Giant: Jerry Clark

Jerry Clark explores the ways that successful people use the power of their minds to achieve their dreams. Giants in any industry take charge and work hard. Learn how to become a giant in your life with time-proven practices and methodology. Jerry Clark interviews giants in multiple industries and professions. [Read more...]

Communicate with Confidence: Dianna Booher

Communicate with Confidence is a series in which Dianna Booher, an expert on business and personal communications, shares her practical techniques for improving the quality of communication between family members, friends, and colleagues. Dianna will show you how poor communication can confuse people, create stress, and destroy relationships both at work and at home. Communicate with Confidence tackles the gender gap, body language, and voice, and teaches you how to communicate clearly, concisely, and credibly. [Read more...]

The Purpose of Selling: Jim Cathcart

When our parents learned to sell, it was all about persuading people to buy. Today it is about building profitable business friendships. Society has evolved, and selling practices must evolve as well. Jim Cathcart, author of Relationship Selling, is one of the nation’s leading professional speakers and sales experts. His natural approach to sales improvement will motivate you to achieve powerful sales results. The sales leaders of today are those who learn to connect with everyone and fill all their needs, not just make one sale. Let Jim Cathcart be your guide to more and better sales. [Read more...]

The Chris Widener Show: Chris Widener

Join Chris Widener as he discusses the many ways to succeed in life. Viewers call in and email questions and comments on a full range of topics including time management, communication, relationships, and living your dreams. This is an invaluable opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring from one of the rising stars in personal and professional development. [Read more...]

Paradigm Shift: Bob Proctor

Imagine landing on just one solution that catapults you to the life you always wished for, one that’s abundantly rich and rewarding in every facet. That solution exists. In fact, it exists today, at this very moment, in your own mind! Every person walking this planet carries this key, but few know how to use it to unlock their mind’s depths to create a more rewarding life for themselves.

A better life is housed within you. Your mind is unscathed by any circumstance you’ve encountered. It is phenomenally powerful. Learn how to excavate the wonderful gem of your own mind. [Read more...]

True Performance: Zig Ziglar & Chris Widener

Join host Chris Widener as he and Zig have a conversation on some of the most important topics that have led Zig to success in all areas of his life. This conversation setting will give you, the viewer, an intimate look into the life of the man who has set the bar for personal development and success. [Read more...]