Self-Improvement Tips: Keeping a Schedule

self-improvement-tipsOne of the best self-improvement tips for those who find themselves struggling with disorganization is to begin keeping a schedule, whether it is a daily, weekly or monthly plan.  By scheduling even routine events, it is possible to find more time in a hectic day, avoid missed appointments, become more productive and develop a sense of self-empowerment.

Set Daily Goals

The first self-improvement tip for keeping a schedule is to set specific goals for each day.  Personal daily goals may be to cook nutritious meals for your family, while a professional goal might include contacting five clients.  The goals must be specific, as vague goals are difficult to achieve.  If it is easier, look at your daily goals as a “To Do List.”  First thing in the morning, or even the night before, begin a list of the things you need to do that day.  As you accomplish those tasks, cross them off the list, which will give you an amazing feeling of self-empowerment.  Understand that it is possible you might not complete all the tasks on the list, and that you may need to add things to the list as the day goes on, but flexibility is important in creating a good schedule.

Set a Time Schedule

Everyone has a time schedule, so another important self-improvement tip is to identify the items on your list that are time sensitive.  If you have an appointment, be sure to note the time of the appointment so arrive on time.  Set a time of day to complete the majority of the tasks on your list, as you will unconsciously work toward completing your tasks before that time.

Review at End of Day

Another self-improvement tip is, at the end of the day, review your list of tasks to determine what you accomplished. Self-improvement blogs recommend immediately transferring any items you did not complete that day to the list for the next day, putting them at a high priority to be sure you accomplish them.

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