Confidence Training: Developing Mental Toughness

Confidence Training

Mental toughness, an attribute that can be developed through confidence training, is the ability to will one’s self through tough situations. This might mean staying positive while battling cancer, keeping a good attitude during military training, or simply staying optimistic despite getting up early to exercise.

Mental toughness is not natural—no baby “toughs it out” if they’re in a less-than-ideal situation; they cry and cry until someone comforts them. Here’s a look at the confidence training needed to develop mental toughness.

 Expand Your Comfort Zone

This is the best self-improvement tip, and it’s one that relates to all other points in confidence training to develop mental toughness. The only way to expand your comfort zone is to step outside of it. It’s also the only way to learn a new skill and gain confidence in your abilities. If you hate giving speeches, develop mental toughness by giving more speeches. You’ll get better at it, and as you do, giving speeches will become a part of your comfort zone.

The same goes for talking to new people, singing in public, giving a presentation at work, waking up early, being out in the cold, and any number of situations. The more you expose yourself to an uncomfortable situation, the tougher you become and the easier the task­ becomes.

Find Self-Motivation

The only way you can become mentally tough is to find motivation from within. Think back to a time of victory and become motivated as you picture recapturing that glory. This tip on self-improvement can help you surpass others who spend much of their time simply relaxing.

Be Realistic

While mental toughness lets you do a lot, it doesn’t let you do everything. Have a positive attitude of pushing your limits, but know your limits. When you find them, focus on your natural strengths to continue expanding your limits.

Develop Self-Control

Depriving yourself of comforts promotes mental toughness. Likewise, when bad things happen in life or your business that you can’t prevent, having self-control will help keep your negative emotions in check. Keep on keeping on and overcome the situation with your mental toughness.

Be Ready for Action

An important part of confidence training is to always be ready for action. Perhaps you are under the weather, but you must give a presentation; a travesty has occurred in your personal life, but you must press forward. Getting over devastation and jumping into action on short notice are characteristics of those with mental toughness. If you can keep going during such hard times, imagine how exceptional you’ll be when you’re at your best.

With this confidence training, you’ll be able to reach new heights in whatever endeavors you seek: sports, music, writing, in business—anything. For more information, please contact us.

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