Bob Proctor and What Makes a Person Successful

Do you look around and constantly see people who have managed to find more success in their lives and jobs than you have?  Do you often wonder how you can get to where they are?  Do you feel like things beyond your control keep holding you back no matter how hard you try?

If this sounds like you, there is someone out there that can help.  Before becoming a successful individual, Bob Proctor was a high school dropout who just couldn’t seem to catch a break.  He found himself working a bunch of dead end jobs with no real future in sight.  Discouraged, he read Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich.  Amazingly, he learned how to change his thinking and his tactics and within a year, he was earning $100,000 and it didn’t take him long to reach the million mark.

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Bob Proctor: Reaching Your Infinite Potential

How many times have you set a goal but failed to meet it? Does it seem that goal setting just doesn’t work for you, and you can never accomplish what you set your mind to? Want to know the secret? Bob Proctor, business consultant and personal development coach, is a major proponent of The Secret, a book and video series about the law of attraction. Now, Bob Proctor has started a new series of videos presented to you through The Success Training Network, where you too can learn how to attract what you want into your life.

The “Paradigm Shift” video series teaches you how to reach your infinite potential by:

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Our Story

Have you ever had a serendipitous experience, where against seemingly insurmountable odds, everything just came together in perfect order and surpassed even your wildest dreams?

That is the story of TSTN.

It would be impossible to design a more perfect collection of experienced, talented, and like-minded people coming together at the right time in history – as technology enables new possibilities and the market is poised for transformation. That miraculous convergence of peopletechnology, and market has happened and has enabled this great endeavor called TSTN.

There is a wondrous destiny in store for TSTN. We hope you will be a part of our mission to improve the lives, relationships, and futures of millions of people world-wide.


Have a Sneak Peek at Motivational Speaker, Bob Proctor’s Paradigm Shift

An excerpt from: Paradigm Shift – Getting to Know You (Episode #3)

Have you ever walked away from a great opportunity and later beat yourself up about it wondering why you didn’t go for it? Why is it that you have never really gone after those dreams that you’re even afraid to tell anyone about? How is it that real success continues to elude you? As Bob explains, it’s all about your paradigms. [Read more...]

An On-Demand Personal Development Training Library

Finally, the world’s leading authors, speakers, and experts have been aggregated into one online video network to make their highly valued and life-changing information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, directly to your home or office in one amazing personal development course.

  • Inspire your creative genius
  • Gain new profit-making ideas
  • Learn new sales tactics
  • Revitalize your health and energy

Our Studio

TSTN’s multi-million dollar broadcast studios are located in Addison, Texas, just a few short minutes away from the heart of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s renowned Telecom Corridor. With three fully equipped state-of-the-art soundstages and the latest in camera robotics and virtual set technology, this 100% digital facility is designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of production needs. The facility is also equipped with multiple and redundant fiber connections to and from all major terrestrial and satellite broadcasters.

  • Over 10,000 man hours were required to build the studio.
  • Over $5 million in capital have been invested in TSTN studio alone.
  • Over 13.3 miles of cable and conduit were installed throughout our 4,000 square feet facility.
  • If you stretched out all of the fiber that runs through our facilities, it would be over 54 miles long.


Our Mission

To help millions of people who have made a decision to improve their lives, reach their goals, and achieve their dreams through the success training programming on TSTN.

The Real Estate Guys: Robert Helms and Russell Gray

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People IQ: Tony Alessandra

We all have our own behavioral style. People IQ explores the fascinating topic of social/emotional intelligence to help you build faster, deeper, and longer-lasting rapport with others. Learn the Platinum Rule for connecting and relating to anyone in the workplace or in social situations. Whether you’re a director, thinker, socializer or relator, Tony Alessandra will explain your behavioral style and how it connects to all that you do each day. At the end of this series, you’ll understand which style you are and how to positively communicate with and understand others for mutual advantage. You will be able to instantly use this fascinating study of human behavior to be more productive in your personal and career life. [Read more...]

The Chris Widener Show: Chris Widener

Join Chris Widener as he discusses the many ways to succeed in life. Viewers call in and email questions and comments on a full range of topics including time management, communication, relationships, and living your dreams. This is an invaluable opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring from one of the rising stars in personal and professional development. [Read more...]